Certificate of Professional Practice – Creative Writing

Certificate of Professional Practice – Creative

(Accredited by London Teacher Training College, U.K.)
The course teaches the basic elements of story-writing. It uses Concept Maps to plan and write creative original stories. The 5 Senses and Questioning techniques are taught to spice up writing. A “teaching tool box” is provided useful for lesson plans and as models for students to emulate. Teachers will not only think of pen and paper but bring out their sense of humour as well.
To impart effective teaching techniques on how to write creatively and see stories of students develop, including those as young as pre-school.
Participants will:

  • Be transformed inevitably into a more creative writer AND teacher
  • Foster the joy of creative writing in children
  • Experience developing, stories, poems, and other creative pieces from own imagination use concept maps for brainstorming and planning for creative writing
  • Concept Maps
  • Literary Devices
  • Whole Brain Learning
  • Poetry Free flow Writing
  • Story Structure
  • Twists
  • Dialogue
  • Genres
8 weeks on a part-time study for 4 hours per session. Sessions include classroom discussions/participation, hands-on training activities and peer teaching practice.  
  • Classroom and Online Forum Participation
  • Lesson Planning
  • Peer Teaching
  • Written Theory Examination
  • Minimum 3 “O” levels with credit in English
  • Any other recognised Certification, Diploma or Degree
  • Mature candidates by interview and approval from the School