Diploma of Educational Studies (LTTC, UK)

             Diploma of Educational                                    Studies    

(Accredited by LTTC, UK)

The Diploma programme is designed for mature candidates, teachers, trainer, parents and individuals who aspire a career switch to Enrichment Education or soft-skills training. The programme is accredited by London Teacher Training College (LTTC), UK. At the end of the course, students will have: the introductory skills to design, develop, and deliver enrichment courses to meet the specific needs of the target groups, from Preschool to Secondary levels; the introductory training skills to design, develop, and deliver soft-skills courses not only for the corporate industry but also for teachers and trainers. There are 7 different titles catering for different enrichment studies as follows:

  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Creative Language Arts 
  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Early Years Enrichment Education 
  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Effective Communication in Education 
  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Teaching Innovation & Creativity 
  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Enrichment Enterprise 
  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Speech & Drama 
  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Phonics & Early Literacy 

For more information on each Diploma title, click here.

The diploma comprises selection of any 3 Teaching Modules based on the matrix below:

Creative Language Arts Early Years Enrichment Education Effective Communication in Education Teaching Innovation & Creativity Speech & Drama Enrichment Enterprise Phonics & Early Literacy
Teaching Phonics x x x x
Phonetics & Phonology x x x x
Teaching Creative Writing x x x x
Public Speaking x x x
Teaching Music & Movement x x x
Teaching Creative Thinking &
 x x
Communication in Style  

x x
Teaching Effective
x x x x
Effective Teaching
x x x x x x
Teaching Harnessing Innovation
& Enterpreneurship
x x
Teaching Speech Development &
Creative Drama
x x x x x x
Teaching Speech & Drama in Action x x
Teaching Drama in Education x x
Teaching Early Literacy &
Reading Comprehension
x x
Curriculum Development & Instruction x x x x x


Blended Learning – Personalised coaching by tutor, guided research, online forum discussion. 
  • Complete 3 Teaching Modules of their choice with a Pass grade or above
  • Submit 3 Lesson Plans
  • Submit Case Study
Students have to complete and pass 3 Certificate of Professional Practice and write a dissertation paper of about 1500 words. Upon passing the dissertation paper, they will be awarded the Diploma of Educational Studies, accredited by LTTC, UK. 
 12 months on part-time study.
  • Minimum 3 “O” levels with credit in English
  • Any other recognised Certification, Diploma or Degree
  • Mature candidates by interview and approval from the School