Here’s Why You Should Use Ice-breakers in The Classroom

As mentioned in our previous post – Ice-Breaker Activity: Cold Hands, Warm Introduction ice-breaker breaks barriers that have been constructed consciously or unconsciously by an individual.

Imagine youself entering a class in the new academic year, the students are strangers to each other. You are a stranger to them too. How can you kickstart the lesson with everyone feeling comfortable with each other? Ice-breakers.

Here are some reasons on why you should be using ice-breakers in class:

    1. Introduction
    Ice-breaker activities allow for interaction among students. That is when students are being introduced to one another and get a sense of who is in the class. That is also when the teacher get to assess the students’ profile – in terms of their behaviour, interests and knowledge – enabling the teacher to improvise how he/she will be conducting the actual lessons.
    2. Trust-building
    With the right hammer, the ice will break. Barriers will be lowered as students are connected to the teacher and the activity. It will help to ease classroom management when students enjoy the activity and create positive impression for that particular lesson. They will tend to pay greater attention and participate more actively in subsequent classroom activities.
    3. Wake students up
    The activities, be it physical or mental, can wake up the minds of your students. Kinaesthetic activities requires students to move and stretch their muscles. This will generate energy which wakes up not only their bodies, but also their minds.Human beings are funny creatures. They are afraid of being embarrassed, what more on the first day of class with strangers glaring at you. Mental activities, take memory games for example, will wake students up as they do not want to be embarrassed. As the saying goes, “First impression counts, first impression lasts”, nobody wants to carry the title of the ‘Clown’ right on the spot.

As an educator, how many of you actually use ice-breakers in class? How many of you will start using ice-breakers in class? 😛