Workshop – Power Voice Redesigned

Power Voice Redesigned Workshop
Workshop presented by Ms Sonali Mehta

So you always develop sore throat from constant screaming in class?  

Your voice becomes scratchy after teaching the whole day?  

Your children find your monotonous voice boring when reading a story?

You find your voice too soft to command full attention?

This 2-hour session provides theoretical principles and practical training to develop your strongest, most dynamic and most powerful natural voice.


  • understand voice anatomy and important organs involved in speaking
  • recognise bad speaking habits that strains the voice and cause problems
  • learn proper voice exercises to improve voice modulation
  • speak your strongest voice with minimal effort
  • understand stress levels and limitations of individual voice
  • maximise impact by using your natural voice
  • apply hands-on activities to teach children/students basic voice techniques

The workshop is best for:

  •  Teachers who use their voice to teach all day
  • Teachers who want to include voice activities to their lesson plans
  • Teachers/parents who want to enhance their voice and maximise impact of their natural speaking voice
  • Teachers/ parents who need to modulate their voices when reading stories to children


  • The Roller Coaster Intonation
  • Belly Exercises: Proper Breathing Habit
  • Vocal Parachute (Voice Range and Your Natural Voice)
  •  Voice Hunt: Discovering the Best in Your Voice

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