About Us – Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

G I G’s training is catalyst for success. Through top quality consultancy, training and practical workshops & highly dynamic trainers, we enable aspiring Individuals, Education Centres and Organisations to work at their best.

Our Courses are accredited by recognised awarding Institutions
At G I G, we only carry the best courses available and are accredited by renowned Institutions.

We Are Serious About Your Teaching Qualifications
Why compromise your teaching qualification with just an ordinary run-of-the-mill certificate? G I G’s Internationally recognised Certificates/Diploma from Cambridge Assessment International Examination & London Teacher Training College, U.K. show your employers that you ARE serious about your success.

Knowledge is Power? Only When You Apply!
An average participant will only remember 8% within 24 hours. What of that 8% is applied is another story! The reason? Each programme is supported by powerful and yet simple-to-apply activities. Those activities convert intentions into habits and conscious practice results in change.

Our Trainers Are Of The Highest Calibre
More than the ability to make the topics interesting, they are able to inspire change, as they are seasoned professionals who combine real-world, hands-on experience with superb teaching skills and international teaching qualifications. They are the strong believers of their profession, they are passionate and they are THE practitioners. Their delivery is a proven mixture of profundity and humour – yet practical and enjoyable.

Our Course Material Goes Above And Beyond
Our courses provide extra information, and more in-depth explanations, so that you’ll know not only what you should do, but also why you should do it. Complete how-to manuals are provided for each student to take home.

We provide even much more practical activities, so you will be familiarised with the skills you learned and be able to relate & apply immediately.
We have a full line of materials that can be used as on-the-job reference materials after the training is complete.

AND we provide online materials – registered students can login to our forum and review class presentations, take sample tests, read real case studies, and download additional information & lesson plans. New resources are constantly updated!

Most Of Our Students Are Referred By Previous Students
80% of our students are either:

Students from prior classes, who are returning for refreshers or continuing education

Referred by students in previous classes

Many of the students get the training from us, because they see the skills their friends have acquired, and they know that they’ll get the quality of training that they need.

We Stay With You Every Step Of The Way To Success!
Getting your Diploma can be a daunting challenge. But we’re here to help you every step of the way, from ensuring that your application is filled out correctly and submitted on time, to bringing our own props to the practical exam, so you’ll be confident in which you trained.

And because we have our Master Trainer & Lecturers who are practitioners in the relevant fields, we take you through practice sessions that are set up exactly like the actual training/teaching, so that you are comfortable and confident to take the first step to start.

We Care!
We care about the quality of our teaching, we care about the transfer of knowledge and skills of the courses we train in and we care about YOU!

Competitive Rates
G I G gives the best training available with competitive rates that is value for your investment – self-investment through personal upgrading with G I G.

Why Wait?
So register with us now and be among the privileged certified potential employees or edupreneurs if you want a career in the teaching/training industry. Register online at gig.gigis.edu.sg/enquiry.htm or call 6323-1220 to receive our information brochures and free previews to our live lessons.